by The Accomplices

About Us

The Accomplices is a partnership between the three existing entities Civil Coping Mechanisms, Entropy and Writ Large Press. Together we publish books, produce literary workshops and events, create video and other media, and run a literary website and community space. We work out of New York, Los Angeles, Portland and Pittsburgh.

We call ourselves The Accomplices because we are dedicated to supporting each other in the mission to center marginalized voices and transform the publishing and literary landscape. There is a power in publishing, in sharing our words with our communities, and declaring them for all the world. We believe that through publishing we can move the center and practice living a bold, radical, sustainable future.

The Partnership

The five partners who make up The Accomplices have crossed paths many times over the years. We have published each other’s works, sat next to each other on panels, shared the stage at events, and often run into each other at literary events. By getting to know each other this way, we truly learned to appreciate each other’s work.

Over the past few years, we each realized a couple of important things: 1) we wanted to do more than publish and sell books; 2) we were each very close to maximizing what we could do on our own. By joining forces, we are able to address both concerns. Our combined skills in publishing, writing, editing, design, website development, music production and promotion,  theatre production, filmmaking, human-computer interaction, and game development (aren’t we badass?) allows us, as a whole and as individuals, to push more, to experiment more, to create more, to disrupt more.

Like Voltron, each cat is awesome and powerful on its own. But when they join forces, it becomes exponential. Maybe that’s why our logo is a cat.

Guiding Principles

    1. To paraphrase Sesshu Foster, community is a commitment that we make. It is both how and why we do the work.
    1. Literature should be immediate, moving and dangerous.
    1. A  tradition of words and stories richer then we can imagine is each of our birthrights.
    1. It is also our birthright to build a future of words and stories bolder than we can imagine.
    1. We value DIY, experimentation, and learning while doing.
    1. We do not wait for promises of riches or for star recognition or for access to the inner circle. We just go make it happen.
  1. We do not wait to have the perfect time or the perfect venue or the perfect language to speak truth to power. 

Like the activist Brittany Packnett said:

“We don’t need more allies. We need accomplices.”

As we continue to build art and community together, we welcome new partnerships and collaborators, other accomplices who want to work with us, scheme with us, hit the pavement with us, build with us.


Civil Coping Mechanisms (CCM)
is a DIY kind of press. We take the same level of angst as our colleagues in shunning those that would be in the immediate position of neglecting our efforts as artisans. We take the sentiment of doing it ourselves while stating to the tired publishing process, “To hell with it.” Why not do it our way? What only matters: Offering a space for the innovation so sorely shamed and disregarded as unmarketable by the major and indie presses too busy selling the next celebrity memoir, paper-thin creative nonfiction spine of lies, the wax-intellectual pursuits of yet-again the same vision wrapped in newer trim, or the same regurgitated genre-fiction and prose you’d expect would have become stale by now. Oh yes, we rant. This is our place. We’ll do as we damn well please. ///  Twitter | Instagram

Entropy is a website featuring literary and related non-literary content. We like to think of ourselves as more than just a magazine or a website, but also as a community space. We seek to create a space where writers can engage with other writers, can participate in a literary community, where thinkers can collaborate and share both literary and non-literary ideas, and where writers can feel safe and included. We especially strive to support marginalized voices and identities through publishing, offering resources, and community building. We also seek to provide a diverse platform for content and interests, including topics such as small press literature, video games, graphic novels, interactive literature, science fiction, fantasy, music, film, art, poetry, and other topics in addition to literary reviews, interviews, conversations, essays, and articles on experimental literature, translation, small press practices, and performance. ///  Twitter | Instagram

Writ Large Press is an independent literary press in Los Angeles dedicated to making publishing accessible, amplifying diverse voices, and creating public literary events that call for participation by and the preservation of communities, such as DTLAB, a pop-up bookstore and performance space project; PUBLISH!, a continuing underground publishing project; Grand Park Downtown BookFest, a festival for LA writers and publishers; and #90X90LA, a summer long festival of 90 events in 90 consecutive days. ///  Twitter | Instagram

In June 2017, Civil Coping Mechanisms, Entropy, and Writ Large Press created a new partnership, known as The Accomplices. In August of 2018, they formed the The Accomplices LLC and launched their new website and cohesive brand in January 2019.