Current Projects

by The Accomplices

Drunken Masters New Works Series

A quarterly event at Civic Center Studios in Downtown LA, Drunken Masters is: 3 writers read/perform short excerpts from a work-in-progress in front of a panel of 3 established writers in the field who provide on-the-spot feedback. The only catch is that these master writers have been plied with drink or PG indulgence of their choosing. A laid-back, entertaining (and sometimes riotous) reading! – More info.


Crying Corner

Crying Corner is a social media reading series designed to capture the heart behind a literary performance. Writers read a candid sample from a work, paying no mind or heed to an audience; in doing so, they read and experience their work by themselves, offering a chance for the writer to rediscover their work and the viewer to be voyeur into the pulse of each piece.



Enclave is a community blog and internet space where the literary community can share their enthusiasm for literary & non-literary ideas, fiction, poetry, film, music, current events, and other forms of creative culture. Enclave’s contributors represent different literary communities, corners, and aesthetics but share one thing in common: the desire to express themselves openly, urgently, and without a shred of dishonesty. The space was originally started by the partnership between CCM and Entropy, and continues to miscellaneous posts, mini-reviews, the New Canon series edited by Sam Slaughter, and the ongoing #FINALPOEM series, edited by Janice Lee.


small print

A collaborative project with many of the most important writers from across the country, small print is an ongoing chapbook series that donates 100% of sales to the social justice non-profits of the author’s choice.

With Ashaki M. Jackson, Mike Sonksen, Teka Lark, Scott Woods, Lynell George. More authors to come.

Purchase small print chapbooks here



PUBLISH! is our ongoing underground publishing project. Kicking off below ground in the Old Bowery Subway Station in NYC, PUBLISH! has traveled all over, publishing hundreds of writers from around the world through the use of typewriters, speech-to-text software, broadsides, Instagrams, and mathematical equations.

It is about more than a sentence that is true. It is about more than a book. It is about more than text.

We will understand that you are the art that you are creating, you are the narrative that you are trying to plot, you are the perfect miracle that you are writing, you are the words printed on the page, you are the pages bound into a book.



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