Cheap Yellow by Shy Watson


ISBN: 978-1-937865-98-6
168 pages
Release Date: January 29, 2018
Civil Coping Mechanisms

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Shy’s poems are abruptly smart, a little violent, devious and ongoing, legendary, mythic, not prosey though a little like the voice of god if god decided to speak more collectively for a while. Shy’s poems to me are so so worth it. And they are crafty – also like god.

—Eileen Myles, author of Afterglow

Everything is yellow in this book, even the sky, even the blow-job you are giving to your boyfriend when his mother walks in, even the wood pile that has turned the color of raw honey in the late afternoon sunshine. Do not read this book if you prefer other colors. Read this book if you love the color yellow above else (all). Reading, I had to change the way words came out of my own mouth, like bubble-gum duress. Everything in this book made me want to move to Milan and/or Seattle. I felt that the message of Shy Watson’s book was this: even if things did not go well for you (in your life), you can make every single part of it into a sculpture that could never be installed in a public park, and yet it is, and everyone loves it, because it is yellow.
—Bhanu Kapil, Naropa University

Hilarious and smart.
—Chloe Caldwell, author of I’ll Tell You in Person