Insignificana by Dolan Morgan

ISBN: 978-1-937865-58-0
170 pages
Release Date: March 11, 2016

Civil Coping Mechanisms

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Publicity Interest

“One of the most entertaining readers you’re likely to hear.”
–Vol. 1 Brooklyn


“Dolan Morgan is eccentric, brilliant, radical, and a bit perverse: that we already knew. In this new collection he is also zealously obsessive. Over and over, organisms and other entities consume, absorb, impregnate, digest, gestate, house, eliminate, birth, and extrude other organisms and entities–or themselves. And the author himself seems to both consume and be consumed by his narrators. Cumulatively, these stories force their readers to submit to the truth: interior and exterior are mere conceits, and all of existence–including puny humans–is already inside out. Dolan Morgan’s writing makes my brain itch in the most pleasant way. Insignificana is an extraordinary book, a thrill ride of temporary madness and irrefutable sense.”
–Nelly Reifler, author of See Through and Elect H. Mouse State Judge


“Dolan Morgan’s Insignificana is a free-for-all wrestling match inside a lava lamp between Donald Barthelme, Amelia Aerheart, Nicholson Baker, The New York Times, and Slim Goodbody. The winner gets to be Dolan Morgan for a day. Insignificana is a stellar achievement in which he hijacks everything you never knew you wanted hijacked. In these pages, he creates the world anew, makes the world his own — as he always and only ever has.”
–Robb Todd, author of Steal Me for Your Stories


“In the spirit of Donald Barthelme, Dolan Morgan queers the every day and leaves a sinister domestic scene behind.”
–Catherine Lacey, author of No One Is Ever Missing


“Dolan Morgan’s stories are finely wrought puzzles of humor and grief and the absurd. Read them and feel fortified.”
–Manuel Gonzales, author of The Miniature Wife


“Morgan is a poet and its shows in his prose… Morgan is a true original.”