Learning by Andrew Choate


ISBN: 978-1-948700-09-2
168 pages
Release Date: September 10, 2018
Writ Large Press

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Andrew Choate’s Learning is a dazzling testament to remaining forever a student in the for-profit racket known as life, particularly the university of hard knocks. Free of hierarchical notions about where or from whom one gets an education, Choate gleans knowledge from disparate sources including his 8th-grade girlfriend, the Viennese poet Friederike Mayröcker, and an issue of the New Yorker that he read to his father, who was struggling to recover from a violent attack. His father — a mercurial lover of film and art — at his most vulnerable provides the aching center to this text but from there it radiates out in beautifully penetrating waves, touching food, music, sex, and all kinds of dark matter. I’m tempted to buy copies of “Learning” and leave them in every train station and cafe I pass through, so that any wandering student can chance upon these stunning and wise lessons.
–Margaret Wappler, author of Neon Green

There’s no living writer in the world like Andrew Choate. For sheer inventiveness, humor, exuberance, and brilliance — he’s an inimitable force. Choate investigates the dismal, tragic, and confounding stuff of life with inimitable wit, reckless candor, and raging, protean aplomb. Part memoir, part true crime, part something brilliantly uncategorizable, LEARNING is an eccentric, volatile inquisition of minds in great peril.

–J. Ryan Stradal, author of Kitchens of the Great Midwest

There is so much love and buoyant grace in Andrew Choate’s telling of this total mind-fuck of a tragedy. I can’t wait for Learning to become a cult classic.

–Jade Chang, author of The Wangs vs. the World


ANDREW CHOATE is a writer who was born and raised in South Carolina. He is the author of Langquage Makes Plastic of the Body (Palm Press), Stingray Clapping (Insert Blanc Press), and Too Many Times I See Every Thing Just the Way It Is (Poetics Research Bureau.)  I Love You More, a collection of his texts for performance, is forthcoming from Insert Blanc. His writings on music and art have been published in The Wire, Signal to Noise, The Attic, Coda, Art Ltd., d’Art International, and Facsimile.

As @saintbollard he photographs and organizes performances around bollards. He won the award for Best Visual/ Performance Art, as well as the Warwick Broadhead Memorial Award at the 2016 Dunedin Fringe Festival in New Zealand. His visual work has been exhibited at the Yerevan Center for Contemporary Art, the Torrance Art Museum, Barnsdall Art Park, The University of Western Australia, Mullany High, the Giradeau Chapel, High Energy Constructs, Overca$h Gallery and, most recently, General Projects, where he had his first solo show, Demon Purse, in 2018. Corroballorations, a duo show with Joe Williamson at PS Kaufman in 2018, elicited sparks of approval. Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic, his series of collaborative paintings with Katie Herzog, were on display at Klowden Mann in 2016, and they are currently working on another series for a show in October 2018. 

His radio plays and sound works have been broadcast on WDR in Germany, Radiate Mobile in Italy, File Hypersonica: Electronic Language International Festival in Brazil, Resonance FM in England, and various outlets in the US. As “The Unwrinkled Ear,” he hosts a radio show on KCHUNG every other week and curates a concert series devoted to the international world of improvised music.

(Photo Credit: Micke Keysendal)