by The Accomplices

General Contact

  • Please note that our contact information has changed. We will be slowly phasing out all use of CCM email addresses, so please send all general inquiries and press questions to:

Review/Publishing Inquiries

  • Reviewers/Interviewers: Interested in reviewing any of our titles? Check out the Catalogue and if you are interested in reviewing any of our books, interviewing any of our authors, or contacting us about any other promotional opportunity, just let us know. Contact:
  • Teaching: Interested in teaching a CCM book in your class or workshop? Check out our Teaching page for Teaching Guides and more details on how to incorporate CCM books into your curriculum. Most of our authors are available for travel, interviews, Q&As with students, and Skype visits or Google Hangouts with your class. For any questions about using a CCM book in your class, requests for desk copies, or queries about author availability, please contact us. Contact:

Book Orders / Bookstores

  • Book Orders: For general book order inquires (including for events and educational institutions), please contact:
  • Policy for Bookstores: As we want to support local bookstores and make purchasing books for events as convenient as possible, we offer wholesale prices for independent bookstores. This means that bookstores can purchase books from us directly at-near-cost + shipping. For standard direct orders, we offer a standard 40% discount. [Note: At this time, we are not able to handle returns. We also require a minimum of 10 books for direct orders. Otherwise, please order through Ingram.] Contact for questions and to order books from us. (Books are also distributed through Ingram.)


  • We are currently closed for unsolicited submissions. Please do not send queries or manuscripts at this time. Please follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date information, or check back here for future announcements on contests, open reading periods, and other submission information. (Note: CCM’s Mainline is on hold indefinitely.)