Past Projects

by The Accomplices


Mainline was a week-long manuscript contest wherein participants submitted their full length novels, novellas, and/or collections for a chance to win publication. Editors read day in/day out in order to keep up with the 24/7 nature of the contest. Every weekday at 6PM EST, the top 5 manuscripts were announced via social media. At the end of the week, a manuscript was selected for publication, including a number of honorable mentions.



In the summer of 2014, there were 90 different literary events over 90 consecutive nights inside a bar inside a train station in Los Angeles. Then we did it again in 2017.

#90for90/#90X90LA is about making space, holding space, an experiment in community building, to see what happens to a neighborhood, a city, a business, and a community when we inject art into it daily.



A month-long road-trip-as-performative-experiment across America by Michael J Seidlinger, exploring how social media maps geographically, fueled by the cues and consideration of a social media public figure’s followers/readership. Beginning on the east coast, starting out of New York City June 1st, 2017, he headed in the direction of, well, that part was up to social media. Michael cracked open his social media presence, turning his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and the activity that surrounds it into a compass, and he became the one being pointed in a direction.



Ghostmaker was an exercise in losing and remembering. We explored what it is to remember, relive, recreate, and retell a story. And the gravity of losing it again. Chiwan Choi wrote and shared chapters of a new book in six installments. After reading each chapter, he publicly destroyed all copies, physical and digital, of the work.

The audience joined together to mourn the loss, to collectively save what had disappeared, and to create own memories by documenting their collective experience of Ghostmaker, both the profound and trivial, in pictures, statuses, recorded conversations, new writing, and video confessionals.



Installation of an indie book shelf inside a skid row bodega, DTLABODEGA was an attempt to transform both the space and the experience for the customers, mostly SRO tenants and homeless citizens.

The limited and unusual space gave birth to our 1on1 reading and performance where any person who bought any item in the store, whether a soda or rolling paper, were entitled to a personal, one on one reading from the LA poets who were present.


Grand Park Downtown BookFest

An annual book festival in Downtown Los Angeles, it focused on Los Angeles-based authors and publishers, presenting to the community the writers and bookmakers in their midst.

Produced in partnership with Grand Park, Metro, and Music Center Los Angeles beginning in 2013-2016, the Grand Park Downtown BookFest reinforced and showcased the literary heart of the past, present, and future Los Angeles.



LAB•FEST was an all day celebration of the independent writers, publishers, artists, intellects, and musicians thriving in Los Angeles.

From an aspiring teenaged singer to the Grammy Award winning band Quetzal, from Los Angeles Poet Laureate Luis J. Rodriguez to a young writer taking her first writing workshop, the stage was a revolving magic platform for nearly 12 hours straight in 100 degree heat.

Held inside the world renowned The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles, over a thousand people attended through the course of one Saturday.


DTLAB Indie Pop-Up @ The Last Bookstore

In September 2013, Writ Large Press opened a bookstore within an existing bookstore. Taking over a previously unused 150 square foot space inside the over 10,000 square foot The Last Bookstore.

It was a space to curate local independent publishers and authors, host workshops and micro-performances, for artists, activists, and residents to develop ideas together, and to test the ability to cause change from inside the tiniest bookstore in the city.



Transmissions was created with the intention of making live music accessible to listeners (free) and to create stage space where emerging bands can  express themselves. It ran weekly for four years.


Last Chapbook Salon

Curated a shelf inside The Last Bookstore in DTLA, featuring chapbooks from writers all around the city. The books were refreshed and rotated monthly and featured a monthly reading from many of the writers.