40 Likely to Die Before 40: An Introduction to Alt Lit

ISBN: 978-1937865276
434 pages
Release Date: June 30, 2014

Civil Coping Mechanisms

40 Most Likely to Die Before 40 can be read as a peace offering: you don’t have to like Alt Lit, but you can at least understand it.”
Dazed and Confused 


“Those who are creating the modern composition authentically are naturally only of importance when they are dead because by that time the modern composition having become past is classified and the description of it is classical.”
—Gertrude Stein


“One hundred years from now everyone in this anthology will be dead. According to Stein that means Alt Lit will finally be considered ‘classic.’” —Christopher Higgs

Featuring work by Sam Pink (1.), Chelsea Martin (2.), Megan Boyle (3.), Beach Sloth (4.), Diana Salier (5.), Guillaume Morissette (6.), Jordan Castro (7.), Gabby Bess (8.), Alexander J Allison (9.), Janey Smith (10.), Michael Heald (11.), Juliet Escoria (12.), Jereme Dean (13.), Noah Cicero (14.), Mike Bushnell (15.), Tara Wray (16.), Spencer Madsen (17.), Laura Marie Marciano (18.), Jackson Nieuwland (19.), Carolyn DeCarlo (20.), Heiko Julien (21.), Stephen Tully Dierks (22.), Lucy Tiven (23.), Timothy Willis Sanders (24.), Ana Carrete (25.), Chris Dankland (26.), Oscar Schwartz (27.), Steve Roggenbuck (28.), Luna Miguel (29.), Crispin Best (30.), Lucy K Shaw (31.), Andrew Duncan Worthington (32.), Frank Hinton (33.), Sarah Jean Alexander (34.), Willis Plummer (35.), Keegan Crawford (36.), Richard Chiem (37.), Tao Lin (38.), Mira Gonzalez (39.), and Scott McClanahan (40.)

Also included—“Poetry and the Image Macro” by Michael Hessel-Miel and an Afterword by Christopher Higgs.