Antigolf by John Colasacco

ISBN: 978-1937865-45-0
282 pages
Release Date: May 1, 2015
Civil Coping Mechanisms

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Two men in an attic. Sickening. Each wearing the same brown hat. As if possessed. One trying to get the other one’s attention by saying, “Hey!” “Excuse me?” “Is it just me, or is it way too warm in here?” “Hello?” The man asking the questions waits expectantly and fans himself with his hat. He gets too hot, and suffocates, and they bring another man in to replace him. “Hey,” he says.

“John Colasacco’s Antigolf is not the opposite of golf or golf’s antithesis. It is the world as if the world were a kind of game. It is both extremely important and completely pointless. It will make you think you are dreaming while you are reading it. Let’s put things in a house. Now the house is full. Your mother is a tree. The piano fails as an instrument but fits nicely into the pool. And it’s terrifying.”
–Chris Kennedy, author of Encouragement for a Man Falling to his Death


“There is something special that happens when a poet masters fiction, in particular the way Colasacco has, some kind of narrative magic that happens only on the borders of fusion works that defy definition, those rare and unique works of astounding narrative grace. All things are possible in the work of Colasacco–some of the most exquisite linework ever put to paper, unconventional narrative conjunctions that are yet startlingly intuitive, every word insightful commentary on the human condition–all in service of literary heart, characters he obviously cares for, characters he forces you to care for, characters in a relentless search for a roof overhead, a place to stand, the need for sanctuary that defines us all. Antigolf is a work of wonder and Colasacco is a beast. Be careful around his work. Step lightly.
–Arthur Flowers, author of De Mojo Blues


“In the fiction of John Colasacco, everything you took for granted about intimacy, rationality, mortality, and reality, will shift. The mundane is transformed into the untamed in a way that will unnerve and then astound you.”
–Mary Caponegro, author of The Star Cafe

ColasaccoCCMJOHN COLASACCO is the author of Antigolf (Civil Coping Mechanisms) and The Information Crusher (Spuyten Duyvil)​Other work has appeared or is forthcoming in HobartBirdfeast, theNewerYork, LIES/ISLE, and The Iowa Review. Anyone interested in written/artistic collaboration can email at