Asuras by Jayinee Basu

ISBN: 978-1-937865-40-5
122 pages
Release Date: March 2, 2015

Civil Coping Mechanisms
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patterns of transparency in nature are manifold. the pebbled body of a lizard shifting like light in a trashcan, the grey checkerboard background in photoshop, the crepey muscles around the eye, a speech saying that we had to pay off the pimps to build this school (they don’t give receipts), and yes I did smash that particular dish against that particular part of the wall because I was feeling bad, and yes I was feeling bad because I wasn’t sure if I would ever see you again, the way your pupils transform from pinpricks to an aperture capable of swallowing an entire sea.
–from “Patterns of Transparency”

“I like writers who believe in the word with every bone, and Jayinee Basu is one of those poets who writes with her flesh, her skin, with every hair on her body, with every single one of her bones. When I was reading Asuras, it occurred to me that I was imagining its author as a kind of double-edged knife: one side sharpened very thin with a poisoned edge, the other a kind of mirror in which poetry made us softer, more meticulous, more sincere with our dreams.
–Luna Miguel, author of Bluebird and Other Tattoos
“Reading Asuras felt, for me, like traveling to a different side of my brain. Jayinee Basu’s poems are full of dark truths and lucid statements on topics like phantom pain, spirituality, the internet, Eileen Myles, hidden patterns, Orion’s Belt or the San Francisco MOMA, among others. Ultimately, what these absorbing poems want, I think, is to attain clarity and inner peace by exploring what’s beneath the surface, what they don’t know within what they know.”
–Guillaume Morissette, author of New Tab

 was born in Calcutta, India. She currently lives in San Francisco with her boyfriend and the attorney general.