Best Behavior by Noah Cicero

ISBN: 978-1937865016
304 pages
Release Date: May 5, 2012

Civil Coping Mechanisms
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Noah has this natural ability to make you think. Maybe it is his familiar tone, the conversational way he makes sentences. Maybe it is about how he simplifies profound and complex ideas. I feel that I am learning from him.
– The Rumpus
Best Behavior is about modern blue-collar America with a political bent.

Best Behavior, the new novel by Noah Cicero, is his boldest work yet. As the subject matter becomes increasingly autobiographical, the landscape more bleak, its impact is blunt, brutal, but somehow still hilarious. This is the literature of pain: of living in a world where nothing is right—a temple to capitalism with no room for any kind of human spirit—and, despite everything, trying to find some way to deal with it; then eventually failing. Best Behavior might be the truest story ever told.

“The party at the bar was for an Internet literary journal that prints a hard copy version that was famous in the world of Internet literary journals that prints hard copy versions. What that means, I do not know.”
― from Best Behavior


“Humans do not want to be better. A person may want to swim better or have a better smile. But they don’t want humanity to swim better or have a better smile. It isn’t even a question of “want,” they don’t care. I don’t care.”
― from Best Behavior


“Writers of literature, if they are real writers, know that their readers are confused about reality and the emotions derived from that reality and are looking for clarity concerning the life that they are engulfed in.”
from Best Behavior

 is 32-years-old and has lived in Seongnam, Korea for the past year teaching English. He has several books coming out over the course of the next two years from Lazy Fascist Press, The Collected Works Volume 1 and 2 and a new novel called Go to work and do your job. Care for your children. Pay your bills. Obey The Law. Buy products. He has many short stories and poems published at 3AM Magazine, Metazen, and many other places.