Blacken Me Blacken Me, Growled by Cassandra Troyan

ISBN: 978-0-9980701-2-4
122 pages
Release Date: September 30, 2016
Tiny Hardcore Press

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“[Troyan] really captures this sense of boiling urban sensuality contrasted with images of suburban youth and sentimentality, examining what the body is and what it means to guide one through life. It reads so sincerely, and even the more violent, sexual, or pop cultural parts feel essential, not just vogue, empty devices. A slice of an intensely interesting life–visceral, intelligent, often abstract but grounded in stark imagery and hellbent on discovery.” –Cody Troyan

“Cassandra Troyan’s writing, here in these non-stop great, coruscating poems and everywhere else, is one of the total wonders of contemporary lit. It can make every form it wears seem at once perfected and helplessly corrupted. So, it’s like an ongoing R.I.P. to the historical models. But she’s not just a writers’ writer. She seems to know so much so unusually and feel everything so complicatedly and yet concisely that reading her is something new and gigantic.”
–Dennis Cooper
“Cassandra Troyan’s Blacken Me Blacken Me, Growled begins by thinking at the very edge of what we call language, listening intently to what desire and disgust sound like there. In this remarkable book, the inchoate flails and wails of pleasure and spectacular pain finally do focus—we aren’t alone even when we beg or squeal. Our lovers are there, our family is there, our community is there, lack and excess, hot filth, cum and treasure. When so much writing conforms to capital’s imperative that we enervate ourselves in our art works, our communities, our sex lives, our sense of what is possible, Blacken Me is a wise reminder that we are not alone, that “we need the shit,” that “we are the shit that motivates our bones.”
–Brandon Brown 
“Writing that is so hot it turns to lava in your mind!”
–Stewart Home