Everything’s Fine by Socrates Adams

ISBN: 978-1937865030
200 pages
Release Date: October 7, 2012

Civil Coping Mechanisms
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[Everything’s Fine is a] mixture of everyday melancholy and absurdity rendered relatable, even controllable, which makes this a worthwhile journey into the mind of this ‘everyman’.
– Huffington Post
Everything’s Fine is a sophisticated novel and highlights Adams as a talent to watch.

“All human interaction is sales. I am going to sell my personality and physical traits to you by the way we interact. I am going to build genuine, warm rapport with you. I am going to ask you hundreds of open questions, so you can’t say yes or no, and our conversation will never end. We are going to be great friends.”

Ian is a salesman. He never hits his targets. Ian wants to go on holiday, but he can’t afford it. Ian’s boss is a powerful and well-respected man. Ian’s daughter is a tube. A statement of defiance against passive, unquestioning existence, Everything’s Fine will change the way you think about work, and tubes, forever.

 is the author of two novels, Everything’s Fine and A Modern Family. He is also a filmmaker (Wizard’s Way) and a member of Metal Man.