Green Lights by Kyle Muntz

ISBN: 978-1937865085
108 pages
Release Date: May 5, 2014

Civil Coping Mechanisms
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Green Lights tells its tale with a delicate, simple tongue, so as not to jar the reader from the dream it’s planted in his brain.
A mid-2014 favorite.
Dennis Cooper
Kyle Muntz interviewed for [Extract(s)’s] Daily Dose of Lit series

Green Lights is a surreal fable set in a neighborhood that goes on forever, where the light is always changing color. It’s the story of two people in love, a friend with a problem, and an old man who eats children; but also one about perception, the gaps between universes, and the struggle to find happiness in a dangerous, sometimes incomprehensible world.

“Spacious and mysterious, like a fairytale from Cloud City.”
—Ben Loory, author of Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day


“Kyle Muntz wants to talk to you about color. And you’ll want to listen, because the light that flickers and floats behind this extraordinarily conceived and executed book will have you utterly transfixed. This is a book about love, loss, pain, and other people—the big important stuff—but also about the way we perceive, the way the world shapes itself, and the way we shape ourselves in response. ‘The sky can only go so long without a moon,’ writes Muntz, and so instead of taking away the moon, he’s given us a new sky—one that seems as fickle as starlight, even as it folds us in and lights our way in the darkness. Green Lights is a singular, beautiful book.”
—Amber Sparks, author of May We Shed These Human Bodies


“Kyle Muntz has attained an uncanny access to the places where the boulevards of perception and memory veer into the rutted gutters of longing and loss that run alongside them. Ghosts, colors, dreams, and the everyday coexist blissfully in the kaleidoscopic Green Lights. Muntz spins ephemera into koans, koans into stories, and eventually the stories themselves coalesce in a sort of giddy, gorgeous wisdom that feels as elusive and necessary as breath itself.”
—Tim Horvath, author of Understories


“A novel freed from time and restriction, by turns impish and sinister.”
—Robert Kloss, author of The Alligators of Abraham

lolcat-perplexedKYLE MUNTZ is the author of three novels, most recently VII (Enigmatic Ink), and in 2014, two novellas: Green Lights (Civil Coping Mechanisms) and The Crippled Giant (Mixer Publishing). His short fiction has appeared in Fiction International, Mayday Magazine, The Journal of Experimental Fiction, and others. Also, he is the writer and developer of The Pale City, a role playing game for PC planned for release in 2015.