Mall Brat by Laura Marie Marciano

ISBN: 978-1-937865-61-0
120 pages
Release Date: March 11, 2016

Civil Coping Mechanisms

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Publicity Interest

“The swerving syntax and disassociated anguish and bliss of Laura Marie Marciano’s poetry-prose hybrid indict consumerism while catching us up in a headlong rush—unsure whether to chuckle or weep. And we do both, unsettlingly, over and over again. The text is an unnerving primer full of plastic and anime, oblique and half-finished conversations, sometimes written in haunting see Dick and Jane direct address, that builds through repetition, abrupt jump-cuts, and effective Instagram-like visual juxtaposition. Mall Brat brims with a flourishing, unapologetic sexuality and bravely upends a litany of reductive tropes with sophisticated emotional depth.”
—Peter Covino PEN America Award Winner; author of The Right Place to Jump


“This astonishing pathos-saturated debut collection was written by a 200 year old middle-schooler named Laura Marie Marciano. With pop pastiche, lyrical pirouettes, and sage insights parading as ‘confessions,’ these poems position—like a ballet class at its bar pivoting towards the mirror—the young against the old, the native against the new, and the innocent against the cynical to show them how, together, they more beautifully out of sync.”
–Monica McClure, author of Tender Data