Navigating With(Out) Instruments by traci kato-kiriyama


ISBN: 978-1951628000
264 pages
Release Date: December 1, 2021

Writ Large Press

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Publicity Interest

With their second book, Navigating With(out) Instruments, traci kato-kiriyama uses her present-political unrest, family love and loss, her own cancer diagnosis-to join the traumas of the past generations with the hope of the future ones. Often seamless, often with a loud bang, kato-kiriyama moves from genre to genre, from poetry to essays to plays and to letters, framed by the history of US colonialism and war mongering, to urge readers to protect and to share their legacies, both personal and communal, as a means of global survival.

traci kato-kiriyama is our time’s flame bearer, warning us of past wrong turns and shining light immediately in front of us. She belongs to the circle of poets who release words to restore, galvanize, and goad.

– Naomi Hirahara, author of the Mas Arai series and Clark and Division

A daring self exploration inviting us all to further honor what made us, cherish the breaths we share, and challenge the history that prevents our healing, our building, and our rise.

– Beau Sia, Tony Award winning poet (Def Poetry), author of Well Played

The elegy according to traci kato-kiriyama’s Navigating With(out) Instruments is a hybrid lament in which grief shapeshifts time after time. This book has become my poetic guidepost for survival. May it be for you too.

– Muriel Leung, author of Imagine Us, The Swarm and Bone Confetti



traci kato-kiriyama is a writer, performer, actor, theatre artist, organizer, and educator who has been presented in hundreds of venues throughout the country and featured in several print and online media platforms. She is committed to the intersection of arts, activism, and healing praxis through creative solidarity work as an artist organizer with Vigilant Love, member of Nikkei Progressives, and Director/Co-Founder of Tuesday Night Project, which is the presenter of the long-standing Asian American arts series, Tuesday Night Cafe. She is also the author of the book of poetry, micro essays and Notes To Self titled Navigating With(out) Instruments.