Paper Champion by Shane Jones

ISBN: 978-1937865344
122 pages
Release Date: October 15, 2014

Civil Coping Mechanisms

Paper Champion is that b-side from a band of your youth and you are surprised to find and feel it stick to the inside of your brain and hear yourself humming along weeks later.
The Atticus Review

To fight an underwater volcano is to fight the ghost of the childhood you. Lava runs in underwater roads you can’t touch. The only people to defeat an underwater volcano were Boris and Stella. The Boris Books are filled with stories of intense sadness. The Stella Books are filled with even sadder stories than the Boris Books.

But this is the story of Boris and Stella, together. This is like snapping a volcano’s neck.

Like pile-driving a shark.

*With illustrations by John Dermot Woods



 is the author of the novels Light Boxes, Daniel Fights a Hurricane, and Crystal Eaters. His work has appeared online in VICE, The Believer, BOMB, Salon, Impose, The Paris Review, Hobart, Tin House, and DIAGRAM, among others. He lives in Albany New York.