Remember to Never Get Better by Madison Langston

ISBN: 978-1-937865-71-9
96 pages
Release Date: June 28, 2016
Civil Coping Mechanisms

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Publicity Interest

“Remember to Never Get Better is Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers but on the page, written by an Emily Dickinson if she had been locked out of her house for her whole life instead of locking herself inside of it. I am in love, and I am finally starting to say the word poetry again.”
–Giancarlo DiTrapano, editor of Tyrant Books
“This may be the saddest book you read this year. Take heart. Keats is right. Sadness is soul food. Take root and fan your voyeur ears wide: there’s a venerable confessional poetry tap pulsing here. Hear the days of Madison. Here they are, rustling and rippling via drug or desire. Here’s a promise: you will laugh your stomach fit, thanks to her nimble wit. But it’s the sadness, deeper than we plant graves, that stays on to hold you and haunt you. Langston captures the span, scope, sweat and dew of one wired, trembling generation. True, this is one hip book, but it’s in the moments when ultimate vulnerability is risked that Langston most blindingly shines. Put your shades on. Gather up your penguins. Open this. Ride a frozen flame. Cry.”
–Abraham Smith, author of HANK and Only Jesus Could Icefish in Summer


“I hate today’s poetry as much as you do, but it’s okay. Madison Langston’s Remember to Never Get Better will save you. This is a big bloody nose of a book with a black eye. It’s full of poems that school children will be made to memorize one day: ones about our technology and texts and fucking, poems that have drug problems and poets who don’t, Karl Marx orgasms, and sitting by the pool because it’s fucking amazing. It’s a book that knows questions are smarter than answers and no one knows what the fuck they’re doing anyway. No one knows shit. Madison Langston is one of my favorite poets. The only thing I can say is be a good Christian. Read this book and swallow some blood.”
–Scott McClanahan, author of Hill William


“Madison Langston’s Remember to Never Get Better is a celebration of nihilism, a world that has lost all meaning, an ant deep in an ant hill with a broken leg waiting to die a pointless vague interminable death. A world where meaning is not allowed, an incapable world, a world of feelings but no one even knows why they even have feelings. People get up, find food, make valueless gestures of courtesy, get stoned and eventually fall asleep.”
–Noah Cicero, author of Bipolar Cowboy