Spiritual Instrument by M Kitchell

ISBN: 978-1-937865-44-3
180 pages
Release Date: May 1, 2015
Civil Coping Mechanisms

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In the center of the sphere, perhaps emanating the light itself, sits a fragile man, broken, sad, old. The man speaks.

I am going to die, he says. Can you find the right tone for me to carry?

“Kitchell’s collection of fever dreams and fugue states map a hallucinatory rite of passage. Beautiful and strange, this is a book that dredges the sludge of one person’s experience, from the mundane atrocity of religion to the cosmic horror of sex.”
–award-winning filmmaker Sophia Al-Maria, author of The Girl Who Fell To Earth

“Instead of fiction, Spiritual Instrument offers rituals and instructions, photographs and phantom topologies, obscured words and dream narratives, black pages and secret portals. M. Kitchell is doing nothing less than conjuring and charting new spaces for literature.”
–Jeff Jackson, author of Mira Corpora


“Asserting an architecture of the page and an architecture of the body, Spiritual Instrument disassembles narrative to reveal its secret rooms. Then it haunts them: with disorientation, with lust, with the abstracted, illusive subject; with the ghosts of dead dreams and VHS tapes. Language as ritual, language as spell: M Kitchell invites us to trance, only to rouse us again and again.”
–Megan Milks, author of Kill Marguerite and Other Stories


“M Kitchell’s Spiritual Instrument ritually enacts its martyrdom, in

language, in a difficult and abject interrogation of imagination and spirit that spills and dissolves with its own heat, its own ghosting. This cry with its architecture of despair, its secret technology of desire, will make you break down and cry. Like the mind’s corners. Like the weather of the internal animal. The real, here, is hyperpresent and it is not a freedom we have, nor a choice. With great tenderness, the queertext opens up a mouth of hysterics & mystery that closes the distance between self & other, inside & outside, sun & violence, life & haunt of death. Its heterogenous structure makes it an observer: the omens of what we could find beautiful are here.”
–Monica Mody, author of Kala Pani

 runs Solar▲Luxuriance & is the author of Slow Slidings (Blue Square Press 2012), Hour of the Wolf (Void Editions, 2013) and Apart From (Solar Luxuriance, 2014). He lives in the Bay Area and can be found online at http://topologyoftheimpossible.com.