Sunshine in the Valley by Kyle Muntz

ISBN: 978-0984603718
222 pages
Release Date: December 18, 2010
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Sunshine in the Valley is a fantastic and metaphysical novel that acts as a rejuvenating nutrient in tune with the secret ingredient of creation.
Sunshine in the Valley is a richly perplexing novel: the Biblical names; the protective wall; the wind which collects around the valley’s singular hill; a somewhat metaphysical cave that arrives from nowhere and from then on seems to shift places, although somehow Jacob is always able to find it . . . even the “spears of rock bashing to the ground” as mentioned by Gidean . . . all of these elements bear certain implications, but the implications are repeatedly and almost universally interrupted, confounded, redirected by the author.
Gone Lawn

Sunshine in the Valley is about the creation of life after the extinction of time. Taking place in a village surrounded by living walls, in which existence has become a frame of mind, a way of thinking, the narrative centers around a group of “childlike entities” whose age, like most everything in the world around them, eventually gets brought into question. Everything is alien, strange, and beautiful, as if written in hieroglyphics, illuminated by light, within a framework of existential clarity—or, perhaps, the shadow of that clarity, stipulated by its absence.

“Its metalogic moves and Hericlitean universe make Kyle Muntz’s Sunshine in the Valley avant-garde science fiction at its most disconcerting and energizing.”
—Lance Olsen, author of Head in Flames


lolcat-perplexedKYLE MUNTZ is the author of three novels, most recently VII (Enigmatic Ink), and in 2014, two novellas: Green Lights (Civil Coping Mechanisms) and The Crippled Giant (Mixer Publishing). His short fiction has appeared in Fiction International, Mayday Magazine, The Journal of Experimental Fiction, and others. Also, he is the writer and developer of The Pale City, a role playing game for PC planned for release in 2015.