The Book of Endless Sleepovers by Henry Hoke

ISBN: 978-1-937865-77-1
156 pages
Release Date: October 31, 2016
Civil Coping Mechanisms

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I love how Henry Hoke plays fast and loose with autobiography and genre. The Book of Endless Sleepovers is wry and finely-wrought, a philosophical fever dream studded with the pleasure of proper names and surprising turns of phrase, a lyric page-turner.

-Maggie Nelson, author of The Argonauts


In his atmospheric debut, Henry Hoke maps the wild country of adolescence, the murky realm of childhood and its mysterious stirrings, where the names of cities are always changing along with our own, as we swap them for those of our favorite characters: The Hardy Boys or Huck Finn or Peter Pan. A land where pet bunnies are eaten by owls in the night and cats change owners at their own will. The Book of Endless Sleepovers is beguiling and evocative and sometimes sad. It is not to be missed.

-Kate Durbin, author of E! Entertainment


The Book of Endless Sleepovers is hot and cool, fine and blunt, new and ancient, puzzling and cannily revealing. Hoke’s sharp, funny fictions are like shards of the books I hope to find lying around in Borges’ garden of forking paths.

-Mark Childress, author of Crazy in Alabama


“Hoke’s book dazzles. Beneath the surface of linguistic playfulness and narrative experimentation are real truths about love and brotherhood and especially about childhood: wild and thrilling and, as all childhoods are, full of terror. Worth reading for the brilliant reimaginings of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn alone, there is so much here that will astonish, surprise, and delight.”

-Rahul Mehta, author of No Other World