The Daydream Society by Evan Retzer

ISBN: 978-1-937865-49-8
234 pages
Release Date: December 2, 2015

Civil Coping Mechanisms

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I have developed a habit recently of making art out of clippings from the newspaper obituaries. I slice single words out from their surrounding bodies, deprive them of context, and then rearrange these amputations into some kind of poetic verse. Sometimes I arrange them on the wood floor of my apartment in a spiral pattern following the order of death. Obituaries are strange. There’s a black and white photograph of the deceased—it’s before they disappeared, no longer really a picture of them; it’s a delineation of a structure their cells once formed, mapped out by a genetic predisposition. A structure once rocked by the persistent life-force energy that had propelled them into motion, propelled them to wake in the morning, rub their sore back, and begin their day. The body is no longer relevant to the deceased. That bird has flown.

“A great book … William Burrough’s heirs combing their way through the jungles of New Orleans and post modern life, here in the second decade of the 21st century.”
–David Dictor, Millions of Dead Cops


“This book transports us into the void with characters who seek the infinite. The Daydream Society plays with non-linearity and juxtaposition akin to the Nouveau Roman and it’s quite obvious that Evan Retzer is onto something very different. This debut novel will capture the attention of people interested in hallucinogenic literature.”

–Tantra Bensko, author of Lucid Membrane

lolcat-perplexedEVAN RETZER is a New Orleans-based author of experimental literature. In his own words, his influences range from existentialism, beat literature, science fiction, and alt lit, to dissonant soundscapes, the crescent moon illuminating a trembling midnight, anarcho-folk music, love, loss, psychotropic drugs, the cheshire cat’s smile, and a universe which exists somehow beyond words.