Walls by Andrew Duncan Worthington

ISBN: 978-1937865283
192 pages
Release Date: July 7, 2014

Civil Coping Mechanisms
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Walls feels like a modern response to the original YA book, The Catcher in the Rye.
– Vogue

“This is the debut of a major new talent. Straightforwardly brilliant writing. This book is so honest, so American, so true to what it is like to be young in America today. At moments Worthington reminds me of Fitzgerald, at other times of Salinger, and then, at other times, of Beckett. One more big name: If Knut Hamsun were a young American writing Hunger today, this is the book he would write. The subjectivity of the contemporary experience of our crazy, drug, text and PlayStation-fueled culture is perfectly described. ‘I had been out of the mental ward for almost six months. My goal was to return to college down in Athens…’. If Worthington can continue to write as well as he does in this novel, he will be one of the greats of the start of the twenty-first century.”
—Clancy Martin, author of How to Sell


“Andrew Duncan Worthington’s debut novel, Walls, is a book about jobs and boredom, Playstation and needing to poop, daydreaming and girls, planes that never leave the tarmac and Ohio. This book will make you feel like you’re stranded in Ohio and you can’t get away. Of course, it might be that you don’t want to leave. It has a strong attraction, a strong pull. Walls is a strong-ass book.”
—Scott McClanahan, author of Hill William


“Noah Cicero, Jordan Castro, Andrew Worthington, me: What do we have in common? We’re all from Ohio. We all smoke cigarettes; one of us has the outline of Ohio tattooed on our neck. Rt. 8, Applebee’s, the Browns, Bud Light, Coors Light, hallucinogens, throwing snowballs at trains while high on shrooms, Best Buy, Target, Marlboro Reds, Camel Blues, the Cuyahoga… this is a novel about Ohio, and to a lesser extent, Taco Bell. Also NYC and Kent State and mental hospitals and CNN and Iraq… if you’re not sold by now: Fuck you.”
—Elizabeth Ellen, author of Fast Machine

 is author of the novel Walls and founding editor of KEEP THIS BAG AWAY FROM CHILDREN. [Tumblr] [Twitter: @hotdogsandrew]