WORK by Bud Smith


ISBN: 978-1-937865-92-4
220 pages
Release Date: September 18, 2017
Civil Coping Mechanisms

“Bud’s writing effortlessly weaves together anecdotes from his life or work into great art.”
—The Rumpus

“Bud Smith is one of the only writers I don’t mind hanging out with in real life. I’ve seen Bud Smith sober and I’ve seen Bud Smith drunk. He’s great either way.”
—Scott McClanahan, author of The Sarah Book

“Refreshing. Bud is a good one.”
—Otherppl with Brad Listi

“Bud is the happy prophet of the stupid world. He’s Walt Whitman only married and working on an oil refinery.”
—Kevin Maloney, author of Cult of Loretta

WORK is a portrait of Bud Smith’s years working construction. It’s about his hilarious blue-collar family. It’s about growing up in a campground in NJ, skipping college, and moving to NYC on a drunken whim. It’s about making art even if that means writing a novel during 1000 consecutive lunch breaks.

BUD SMITH is the author of Dust Bunny City (Disorder Press) and F-250 (Piscataway House). He works heavy construction and lives in New Jersey.